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Welcome to I APIs Europe 2015!

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The conference for digital business and technology leaders

I APIs is the world's largest conference and community dedicated to API strategies and digital business. For the first time, it’s coming to Europe on the 24th of March.

I APIs Europe brings together European digital leaders who will share their strategies and lessons learned, combined with hands-on educational sessions led by the world’s most experienced API Ninjas.

In this one-day conference, featuring three tracks built for technologists, business leaders, and developers, you will be armed with the knowledge to implement a successful API-centric digital strategy for your business.

Session Highlights

I APIs is an event packed with real-world use cases, customer stories, technology best practices, and business perspectives.

Digital Transformation (Business Track)

We're all software companies now: Making digital part of your organization's DNA

Digital challenges every enterprise to operate at least to some extent as a software company. This involves people, process, culture, metrics and more: learn how companies in any industry can adapt to compete with digital disruptors.

Bits, platforms, and ecosystems: how to master these new business basics

Today’s market context is mobile-centric, connected, and sensor-rich. The tools in the toolbox for creating value traditionally associated with the software industry are now universally in play. Learn what you need to get in the game.

Customers, competitors, and change: Making sense of the new market context

Shifting consumer behavior, emerging digital disruptors, and a seemingly ever-faster pace of change: cut through the noise to get a firm handle on the data that matters most for making sense of the new market context.

Better together: The secrets to creating great experiences that bring digital and physical together

How do you make physical and digital better together? Learn from real-world examples and fellow practitioners how to bring strategy and technology, bits and atoms, together to create experiences with business impact.

We're all CDOs now: Becoming the digital change leader your organization need

You see digital disrupting industries; you worry that change can't wait. But inertia, uncertainty, and legacy systems and processes can stand in the way. Learn best practices to accelerate progress toward digital competitiveness.

If IT is from Mars and Marketers are from Venus, are Developers from Alpha Centauri?

Great digital experiences flow from effective cross-functional cooperation. Learn how digital leaders overcome siloed thinking, tribal communication, and legacy behaviors to make Marketing, IT, and Dev work better together toward digital success.

Architecture, IT, and Platform (Technology Track)

APIs are not SOA++: API-First Architecture

Many developers and architects who are familiar with the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA) are confused about application programming interfaces (APIs). Join to discuss why APIs are core to your enterprise’s system of engagement and why they are different from systems of record technologies such as enterprise service buses (ESBs) and SOA. Understand the importance of data and analytics as the lifeblood of an API-centric architecture.

From prediction to action: Leverage data to drive API adoption

Data has become such an important currency for today's digital economy. Apigee's view is that APIs and data are integral parts of a healthy digital cycle. Join to collaborate with us and see what capability we have in predictive analytics that would bring benefit to your API adoption, and much more beyond.

Project, program or platform? Understanding Apigee product & roadmap

What do I need to be a successful player in today's digital economy? Is an API management system enough? Is it about having a digital program for my business? What does it mean to invest in a digital platform? Let us use Apigee product and roadmap as examples to help you orchestrate your digital blueprint.

Architecture design do's and don'ts for your digital journey

Whether you are a digital native or are on the transformational journey, there are architectural design considerations that would either accelerate your transformation or hinder your progress. Come to hear from architects what has worked and what to avoid. This session targets technical audience especially in the areas of scalability, system configuration, availability, data consistency, and multi-region cloud.

Two-speed IT and its implementation: Part I

What is two-speed IT? CIOs are turning to two-speed IT to enable IT to transform their technology and processes in order to continue to run stable, mission-critical systems, and build the agility and flexibility required to deliver the apps and experiences demanded by customers, partners, and employees.

Two-speed IT and its implementation: Part II

How to make Two-speed IT happen? Learn how Apigee enables two-speed IT with API BaaS, API performance monitoring, Security and much more. This session will extend the Two-Speed IT thought leadership with implementation details. This is a technical session focusing on the execution of two-speed IT.

API Technology and Best Practices (Developer Track)

Vibrant Ecosystems: Adoption in private or partner developer programs

Your digital program is only as successful as your ability to drive developer adoption. But does this apply only to public API programs or equally for private or partner programs comprised of a small number of known developers? Join this panel of developer program leaders across industries that compare and contrast the different needs of public and private developer programs.

Build Design-driven APIs with Swagger and Node.js

Speed API development by starting with the end in mind - use the popular open source Swagger documentation tool to design your API, implement in Node.js and deploy on any PaaS or Apigee. Join us for this presentation of Apigee-127, an open source toolkit for builiding APIs in Swagger, and Node.js.

Big apps: requirements for APIs in the internet of things (IOT)

The internet of things (IOT) requires you to build a cohesive customer's experience across devices and distance. What new unique issues does IOT present to app builders and what is the evolving role of APIs in this new world of "Big Apps"? This session will discuss the requirements of APIs for IOT and demonstrate Zetta, an open source framework for enabling IOT apps with APIs.

Keeping private data private

2014 was a year with several high profile yet varied hacks and attacks spanning both public and private clouds. Regardless of your architecture and deployment choices, what emerging data privacy practices we should be mindful of to keep API private data private? This discussion will also discuss lessons learned from our own experience in handling attackers and breaches.

Architect for the future: Contrasting implementations of 'outside-in' vs. the 'inside-out' approach

Digital platforms must serve an 'outside-in', consumption-oriented perspective on customers and requirements. How must a digital platform be implemented in terms structure, location, and placement and in what relation to other "inside-out" integration and arbitration layers? This session will compare and contrast these concepts along with digital platform case studies from industry leaders.

"All about the BaaS: No trouble" to build enterprise apps

BaaS (Backend as a Service) provides an API-based service for data persistence and user management. But after two years of hype, does this technology deliver on both productivity and developer control? This session will provide an overview of BaaS concepts and frank discussion of the pros and cons of using this technology to accelerate mobile and web app development.

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I APIs Europe Conference

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